About Astorius

About Astorius

Astorius was founded at the end of 2012 with the goal of providing private investors, Family Offices, and institutional investors with high-quality and transparent access to Private Equity starting at a minimum investment of EUR 200,000.

We are convinced of the exceptional quality of Private Equity as an investment asset because of our many years of experience operating in the finance industry. However, Private Equity is normally reserved only to large, institutional investors. Minimum subscription sizes, lack of access to the relevant fund managers and, above all, the lack of information on the market represent almost insurmountable barriers to entry. As a successful industry insider, we would like to change this and are opening the market up to private investors, family offices, and institutional investors.

Due to our experience, our specialized knowledge, and our network that has grown over decades, we are in a position to evaluate the Private Equity market in its entirety as well as determine and provide correspondingly suitable investments for our clients.

We analyze all relevant funds in our investment array and provide our clients with a simple and very transparent cost and fee structure.

We underscore our confidence in selecting our target funds by investing, as a team, our own money in the Astorius Capital Funds.

About Astorius

years of investment experience
6 million
in personal investments of the team in our own fund

Our Services

Astorius offers sequential and coordinated umbrella funds programs that are, in turn, invested in Private Equity funds with a focus on mid-sized companies. This gives investors in the funds we advise on diversified access to equity investments that they would not be able to acquire directly.

In addition to the umbrella funds, we also provide access to select individual investments via Astorius Select Funds or via individual advisory mandates.

In addition, Astorius provides all relevant services, such as ongoing communication, tax reporting, and customer advising, as well as events and the investment newsletter.

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Astorius – Your Partner for Private Equity

We are convinced that Private Equity should be part of any investment portfolio seeking to generate sustainable returns. This is why Astorius has tasked itself with providing private investors, family offices, and institutional investors with access to Private Equity. By investing in Astorius Capital Funds, we offer investors the opportunity to share the success and returns of select Private Equity funds.

Fund Selection through Successful Industry Insider
We combine more than 30 years of experience working successfully in the Private Equity industry. During this time, we managed numerous transactions with leading companies in various industries and regions. With this specialized knowledge, we are in the position to comprehensively evaluate the relevant Private Equity market and find suitable investments.

Fair and Transparent Fee Structures
We provide our investors with a simple fee model that compensates for access to our knowledge in an appropriate, transparent, and performance-related manner and that does away with costly sales structures.

Alignment of Interest through Parallel Investments
We prove our convictiont in our own selection of target funds by investing our own money, in a relevant amount, in Astorius Capital Funds next to our clients.

Diversified Portfolio Structures
Astorius Capital Funds normally invests in multiple funds that are, in turn, invested in 8-12 companies. In this way, we give our customers the opportunity to diversify their inquiry regarding an individual investment into up to 60 companies.