German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

The German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK) is the voice and face of the Private Equity sector in Germany.

The BVK is committed to a better tax framework and easier access to Private Equity so that even more companies in Germany will profit from this form of investment.

In addition, this association takes a position with respect to politics and the media in order to emphasize the importance of equity capital for the German economy. The BVK monitors the market and analyzes the developments in such, because Private Equity is a engine for growth in innovation, start-ups, and the mid-sized sector.

Furthermore, the BVK promotes the exchange of experience between its members so that the Private Equity industry in Germany is able to grow close together.


Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V.
Members: Thomas C. Weinmann and Julien Zornig

The “Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmann zu Hamburg (VEEK)” [Assembly of Honorable Merchants - Hamburg] is an assembly of more than 1,000 Hamburg merchants who themselves act respectably and maintain the conditions for respectable behavior in their company.

In addition to these efforts, which relate directly to handling commercial transactions properly, the VEEK sees its duty in acting beyond its circle of members with regard to the objectives of the association. For this purpose, the association holds lectures, competitions, and other events, which focus in particular on young business people, so that even young people have an opportunity to discuss topics of commercial ethics.

This association is a co-initiator of the Trust Center, which was established in 2003 at PRO HONORE e.V. This center serves to protect against criminality in the economy and is a point of contact for people who have knowledge of such behavior and are looking for discrete assistance in prosecuting these offenses without fear of reprisal.