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Astorius Capital PE Fonds I

Astorius Capital PE Fund I (ACF I)

Private investors, family offices, and institutional investors have invested in the ACF I fund. The very first fund family of Astorius Capital GmbH closed to great success in September 2014, just a few weeks after placement began.

The Astorius Capital Fund I invested 50 percent each into the CapVest III and Herkules Capital IV Private Equity funds. The managers of both these funds have specialized in transactions with mid-sized companies from Northern and Central Europe. When the ACF I was closed, there were five total acquisitions on the target fund side. This fund was closed with a subscription volume of around 11 million euros.

Astorius Capital PE Fund I

11 million
subscription volume
portfolio companies
target funds

Investment Strategy (as of Dec. 18)

Strategy of ACF I:Fund of Private Equity funds / blind pool
Strategy of the target funds:European Small and Midcap / buyout and growth / controlling stake
Number of target funds:2
Expected target companies:20
Number of target companies:16
Number of exits:3